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Apologies, but I had to write something here so that it looked like I did something other than just create a blog and put nothing here. So you might be sitting there wondering “Why did you start a blog?”, and I’ve been asking myself that very same question.

Well, I never seem to finish any projects. I have dev boards coming out my ears, boxes of salvaged stepper motors, solenoids, and LCDs, 1000’s of lines of code for Android and Wii homebrew… The list goes on. None of these projects are documented, and given my apparent lack of ability to stick with a home project for more than 2 weeks, the danger exists that the projects will never be completed.

I am going to use this space to collate my projects, and post new ones as and when they get started. I might even revisit long forgotten ones in an effort to revitalise them. I hope you enjoy it wherever I do here.

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