Stereotypical beginners electronics project pt3

The LCM7215’s arrived as I was writing the last post, so I need to get the PCB’s cut. As I have access to a LPKF ProtoMat C60 PCB cutting machine I have designed a number of boards that fit together to give the case.

The idea is that the first board sits on the underside of the battery back with the electronics on the bottom side. Then two lots of the third PCB sit underneath, with the second PCB being the bottom of the case. These will be glued together, and M3 nuts will be glued in place to receive some M3 bolts mounting the battery case securely. There are two 5mm holes to accept a suitably sized screw.

To finish it off I’ve embedded a video.

[youtube ]UeT_E9ZLQX4[/youtube]